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Neck decorations are elegant and emphasize natural femininity. The necklace is a lovely accessory, which is usually made of metal and precious stones, crystals or shiny elements.

Squeeze the end of the jewelery wire flat with a flat ring to fit the eye of the jewelry needle. Fill the rocaiperles in the perle carousel (usually many beads), and hold the needle to the direction of rotation. Turn the bar clockwise so that the beads are threaded on the needle. Pull them down on the wire afterwards. If a pearl is stuck, it crushes with a flat iron. Fit two oval rings one after the other.

Three facets on a pearlslip, shortened and turned to an eye. Attach the drop tie to the strong ring with an oval ring. Put the ring on the rocaiket and pull the ledges through both chains so they are double. Finish the chain with wire clamps. Put on a wire clip on each side, followed by a pair of rocaiperles. Pull the two wire ends in parallel and press the wire clips flat.


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Every woman wants to have an exclusive thing and look luxurious. This desire can easily be translated into reality. It’s enough to make a necklace or a necklace with your own hands. The difference between a necklace and a necklace is not significant. Necklace – has one shape around the perimeter, and the necklace has a figured shape and its center is wide. To create a chic necklace, you can use any precious stones or their substitutes – decorative stones, rhinestones instead of diamonds or beads as pearls. In this article we will consider: how to make a necklace of stones with your own hands. Draw a sketch of the future necklace on the sheet of paper, picking up the shape, size and design. Cut out the rectangle from the plastic bottle. Circle the sketch of the necklace on a plastic rectangle, then cut it out. Pre-lay the stones on a plastic blank, take a picture and only then proceed to gluing. Attach the chain and buckle.

Do not be afraid of unfamiliar names: you saw all these things a thousand times, but did not know how they are properly called. All tools are readily available in handicraft shops or specialized outlets for making jewelry. Select the color palette yourself, however, we recommend that you take the beads and beads in tone. The combination of beads for pearls and Czech beads No. 10 looks beautiful. As for the number of beads and carnations, it depends on how voluminous you want to see the ready-made decoration.

Unicorn motifs are printed on shrink plaster and colored with color pencil, the subject is cut out and a hole is made for later fitting necklaces, the subject shrinks to 1/3 size in alm. Furnace. Dusk is made of cotton cord and is set as a decorative necklace.


The subject on the shrink plate is colored with colored pencils, then the subject is cut free and a hole is made with a hole or hole. Remember that the hole also shrinks to approx. 1/3 size. Motives are laid in an oven at 170 degrees and shrunk.


The shower is made by winding a cord around 3 fingers, a piece of string is attached through one end and another string is wrapped around the end, the cloth is cut up at the opposite end – you can also adjust the length by cutting it. For more step pictures and a detailed explanation of how to easily make a shower, see our blog.


Finally, the shower and the motif are mounted in each o-ring in a ball chain, neckline cut to the desired length. Close the ball chain with the lock.